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New Client
1.5 Hour Puppy 1-2-1

Price: £40

Home Visit for new customers to discuss toilet training, play biting, jumping up & any other concerns

owners have with settling a new puppy into home life and introduction to basic obedience.

1 Hour Puppy follow up

Price: £30

To check progress & recap on any previous training & to tackle any new issues.

Puppy Classes 5 week block
Price: £52
5 week block of classes each 1 hour long focusing on socialisation, basic commands, confidence building
and attention to owner around distractions. Positive reward based training. Maximum of 6 puppies per class.
All puppies must be no older than 6 months.
Adult dog classes
Price: £42
Adult dogs that are dog and people friendly are sometimes able to join Bronze classes which run as a block
of 5 if I think they would be a good fit with the other dogs in class.
New Client
1.5 Hour Adult dog training 1-2-1
Price £40

A tailored home visit to work on behavioural issues as specified by the client.
Common issues include; lead pulling, recall & dog interaction.


Follow on session Price £30 with discounts for block booking more than one

Bronze Skills 
Block of three 1:2:1 sessions

Price £70 or £25 each

11 different skills taught to your dog with a certificate at the end when they have mastered them all.

Sit, Stand, Down, Watch, Stay, Wait, Drop, Leave it, Heel, Paw and Spin.

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