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Dog Training Warwick

K9 Concepts is a Warwick based dog trainer that uses positive training methods to deepen your relationship with your dog. Basic puppy training like sitting, waiting and coming back when called gives your dog the freedom to do the things they enjoy while remaining safe and under control. As a dog owner, training sessions can give you the platform to establish a healthy and lasting bond with your furry friend. Additionally, because dogs are clever creatures who generally enjoy learning, training can be a terrific method to keep them from growing bored.


At K9 Concepts, I offer dog training programmes that are efficient, enjoyable and supported by research.  My training programmes are custom designed for you and your dog to get the best results. I also offer private training sessions and group classes.

Begin your dog’s training journey with K9 Concepts today. Contact at 07837 131184, or use the online booking system!

Welcome to K9 Concepts

K9 Concepts Dog Training uses positive training techniques to strengthen the bond you have with your dog and teach them that good behavior results in good things. Your dog should want to please you and be around you, because they think you're great! You provide them with everything they love and in return you get a well behaved, calm, loving dog. The aim is to create a harmonious relationship whereby both owner & dog enhance each others lives. Often behaviour problems are the result of miscommunication between human and dog, and there is often a simple solution to correcting the problem.

Our Services Include

2 Hour Puppy 1-2-1  // 1 hour Puppy Follow up  // 1 Hour Targeted Training (Adult dogs/Puppy) // Much more to come...

Training for Reactive Dogs


A reactive dog can be very challenging to handle. It is exhausting and unpleasant to constantly be on the lookout for potentially critical encounters, be unable to take them for enjoyable group training classes, and be unable to walk them without worry. As a dog trainer, I have the skills and knowledge necessary to train and reduce sensitivity in dogs. I also offer custom training programmes by addressing the causes of your dog’s behaviour. 


Check out the available training sessions if you're searching for a comprehensive course to address your dog's reactivity. 


Training Dogs Not to Pull


It can be confusing when your dog or puppy pulls on the lead. Dogs usually pull to express their excitement; they might pull if they are enticed to explore something or are full of energy. If not trained properly, pulling on the lead can become a habit. The good news is that reward-based training can teach your dog to walk politely on a lead.


Training a puppy is the best way to prevent lead-pulling habits from developing. You can contact K9 Concepts to hire a personal puppy trainer. K9 Concepts also offers puppy training in Warwick with expansive services and an expert trainer, who is trained to have an in-depth understanding of the psychology and behaviour of dogs. K9 Concepts employs a positive reinforcement-based training strategy and have training expertise with dogs of many breeds, temperaments, and ages. 


Get In Touch

If you’re interested in my dog and puppy training classes, then please do not hesitate to contact me via 07837 131184, or use the straightforward  online booking system to get started.

A black and white French Bulldog lying on a red and black cushion.
A small dog sitting on a sandy beach with its tongue sticking out.
A brown puppy wearing a red collar sitting on a carpet with a sad expression on its face.
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